American UniversIty Of Beirut

This College is for all conditions and classes of men, without regard to color, nationality, race or religion. A man, white, black, or yellow; Christian, Jew, Muhammedan or heathen, may enter and enjoy all the advantages of this institution.... and go out believing in one God, in many Gods, or in no God. But it will be impossible for any one to continue with us long without knowing what we believe to be the Truth and our reasons for that belief''.
08 AM_ 03 PM

Beirut, Ras Beirut
Riad El-Solh
+961-1-340460 / 350000



Farah Al Oud   -   2013-07-02
"Best university! I love it a lot and it's more than just a university to me, it's my second home:)"

Sleiman   -   2012-09-18
"Best University Ever. Great Courses, Good Student Activities."