Bedivere Eatery & Tavern

Sir Bedivere, the trusty supporter of King Arthur from the beginning of his reign, was one of the first knights to join the fellowship of the Round Table.

BEDIVERE EATERY & TAVERN was brought to life as a tribute to this remarkable, supportive and inspiring figure, which accompanied the legendary Arthur.

Set in the famous Jeanne D’arc Street in Hamra, it is a new engaging haven where you can quench your thirst with the most unusual cocktails conveniently referred to as “potions” and mouthwatering meals in a warm medieval environment.

Its U-Shape Bar embraced by high tables from both sides enhances interaction between all patrons while its outdoor smoking area is a small sidewalk garden with lush greenery and cozy low tables.

Opening at noon as well, Bedivere is the perfect out of the ordinary alternative for your business meetings and lunch breaks, where you can enjoy our a la Carte menu or our Daily Signature Meals accompanied by our soft music designed for the same.

Our beverage selection is as varied as your mood, ranging from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables to the most exclusive liquors.
8:00 AM TO 1:00 AM / Sunday 5:00 PM TO 1:AM

Beirut, Hamra
Hamra, Jeanne d’Arc Street, Makdissi bldg



Georges Kanaan   -   2013-09-25
"Great food, genius drinks, adequate pub music, and welcoming. What more you can ask for?!"