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Top 10 Tech This Week


As the holiday season approaches, a bevy of gadgets continue to be announced in order to make it onto wish lists around the world. What are the most popular gadgets up for the gift-wrapping treatment?

The answer is mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — and though there are plenty on the market already, that didn't stop the impressive flow of tech that occurred this week.

The big news this week was the unveiling of Apple's new iPad Air, the super sleek but powerful next generation tablet. The device comes with an A7 chipset that makes it faster than its predecessor. The 16GB Wi-Fi only version will cost $499, and a 128GB version will be $799. The latest Apple gadget will be available for purchase Nov. 1.

Apple wasn't the only company to announce a new tablet this week. Nokia will release its firstWindows tablet, the Lumia 2520. The device will be one of the few devices that run Windows RT 8.1 and will be Wi-Fi and LTE enabled. AT&T will sell this new tablet, though there is no news on when or how much customers will have to pay if they want to pick up their own Lumia 2520.

Gadgets aren't just holiday presents; some can save lives. The Gene-Radar, developed by U.S.-based nanotechnology firm Nanobiosym, can detect HIV/AIDS. The iPad-sized device takes a bodily fluid sample and delivers the test results in less than an hour. The gadget makes HIV/AIDS testing cheaper and can help diagnose patients more accurately in poor countries, where medical resources are often few and far between.

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1. Apple iPad Air First Look: Fast, Fun and Gorgeous

The faster, sleeker new tablet from Apple, the iPad Air comes with a ton of free software and will be on sale Nov. 1.


2. 'Living Wallet' Runs Away From Shopaholics' Hands

If you're desperate to save money or are a recovering shopaholic, this wallet will run away from you. Careful, it will call your mother if it has to.


3. Mobile Device Delivers Rapid HIV/AIDS Test Results in an Hour

The Gene-Radar can help more accurately diagnose HIV/AIDS. The device has made the test cheaper for those working in developing countries where the virus is prevalent.


4. Nokia's First Tablet Comes in Just One Flavor: LTE

Nokia will release its first tablet, which will be Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled, and will be one of the few mobile devices to run Windows RT 8.1.


5. Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network

Could your desk lamp help you sustain an Internet connection? Li-Fi might seem like an impossibility, but research shows it could be possible in the near future.


6. 'Electronic Blood' Could Power Next-Generation Computers

A new cooling system for computers and mobile devices is being developed by IBM. It would use fluid to keep our tech running more efficiently than ever.


7. Sony QX10: A Funky, Overpriced Lens Camera for Your Smartphone

This lens for smartphones may help users take better photos, but a $250 price tag and poor battery life severely limits this gadget's appeal.


8. MIT's 'Kinect of the Future' Device Tracks People Through Walls

One day you may not even need to be in the same room as your TV to control it. Researchers at MIT have developed a sensor that uses radio waves to more accurately detect movement and position.


9. Tiny Solar-Powered GPS Device Lets You Track Everything

This solar-powered device can keep track of anything you attach it to -- keys, wallets, valuable items and even people. Just be sure not to lose your phone so you can access the tracking app.


10. Dick Cheney Altered Heart Implant to Thwart Wireless Hackers

Just when you thought gadgets like pacemakers were safe, former Vice President Dick Cheney had to make alterations to his implant to keep hackers from sending a signal and shocking his heart.