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13 Brilliant Ways To Use Everyday Items Differently


Normally we only use our things a certain way or how they are ''meant'' to be used. But what if i told you you could use these things in a different way altogether… You will no longer have to hand over more of your money to buy more items when you can simply use the things you already have but differently. These hacks are a great way to save time and money. Let us know in the comments section which one you like the most!

1.Use finished Pringle cans to store unused spaghetti in.

2.Cut a finished plastic bottle in half and use as a funnel.

3.Use a rubber band to prevent doors from completely closing.

4.Use old make up brushes to clean those hard to reach areas like a keyboard.

5.Use a rubber band to help wipe off excess paint from your brush.

6.Don't throw out your tissue box when it's finished. Re-use it as a plastic bag dispenser.

7.Use nail polish to invisibly secure things together like buttons and screws.

8.Use tape to brush off excess scoop amounts leaving you with the perfect amount.

9.Keep your bathroom organized and tidy by using a cutlery tray.

10.By placing a coffee filter or something similar at the bottom of your plant pot it will help prevent any soil leaking through.

11.Use pipe cleaners to prevent your clothes from sliding off their hanger.

12.Buttons are a great way to keep your earrings together.

13.Cases for sunglasses make great on the go make up holders.