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10 Gadgets That Make Awesome Holiday Gifts


Holiday shopping season is upon us. Finding the perfect gift can be a difficult task no matter who you’re shopping for. Good news: We’ve done some of the “shopping” for you.

To help you navigate the treacherous, often overwhelming ordeal of gift-buying, we’ve created this guide with some of our favorite tech gadgets that are sure to “wow” anyone on your shopping list this year.

While you might expect to find drones, 4K TVs, or even Apple’s newest Retina iMac on a list like this, we aimed to come up with gadgets that might not already be top-of-mind. Take a look: 


We can’t always be at home. Whether you’re across the country on a business trip or just across town at dinner, Piper is a device that allows you to check in on your home and make sure everything is OK. The device has a built-in camera so you can check out live video of your cats or see who just opened your front door.

More than just a security camera, Piper can also be connected to your lights and appliances so you can control them from afar or set them up on a schedule while you’re traveling.

Price: $199

Logitech Keys-To-Go

These days, your iPad can handle a lot of the same work as your laptop. One thing that your iPad doesn’t have, however, is a keyboard. Portable keyboards aren’t anything new, but this year Logitech has come out with one we really like that can stick with you even if you decide to upgrade to that iPad Air 5 sometime down the line.

The Logitech Keys-To-Go is a thin, standalone Bluetooth keyboard that can be paired with your iPad, iPhone or even your Apple TV. That means you can answer emails on your iPhone faster, or use it paired with your iPad mini to type out your autobiography. The keyboard will work with future- and past-generation devices, and is covered in a durable “FabricSkin” that helps protect against accidental spills and snacking mishaps.

Price: $69.99

Perfect Drink

Sometimes old standards like gin and tonic just won’t cut it. Perfect Drink is a gadget that turns anyone into a bartender instantly. 

The device is essentially a food scale that connects to your iOS or Android device. You pull up the recipe for a drink you want to make within the app, throw a glass on the scale, and then Perfect Drink guides you on how much of each to pour to mix the perfect cocktail. If you’re not sure what you want, the app can make suggestions for cocktails based on what you’ve got kicking around.

While you’re mixing, if you accidentally pour too much of one thing the app will adjust the proportions of everything else accordingly. You can also adjust your serving size to mix several drinks at once and create and save your own unique inventions so you can recreate them later on.

Price: $49.99


Update your vehicle’s tech without breaking the bank with Navdy. The “Google Glass for your car” brings heads-up display technology to any vehicle. 

With Navdy, you can project directions to your destination onto your car’s windshield, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The gadget connects to your iOS or Android phone and has gesture controls so you can answer calls or control your tunes by swiping in the air.

You can also use Navdy for things like sending text messages or sharing your location with friends you’re on your way to meet. Navdy isn’t shipping until early next year, but you can pre-order one now for $299, 40 percent off its retail price.

NeuroSky Brainwave Starter Kit

Train your brain to relax or pay better attention with Neurosky’s Brainwave device. The headset measures your brainwaves and allows you to play games and complete exercises on your iOS or Android device -- using just your mind.

Besides being a pretty cool parlor trick, it can also be a good workout for your brain and help you deal with real-world situations. Developers can also create their own apps for the device.

Price: $99.99


Tile is the perfect gift for that forgetful friend. The tiny gadget connects to your keys, laptop, or even dog to help you keep track of them. Tile can be connected to things like a keyring or attached like a sticker and communicates its location via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. The Tile app can track up to eight different things at once and will show you where each was last spotted on a map.

If you need help finding something like that misplaced TV remote, you can have the sensor play a melody so you can pinpoint its location between your couch cushions.

Price: $25


Haven goes beyond the “smart” lock and unlike everything else on the market. Rather than replacing the deadbolt, Haven locks your door from the bottom. The result is an extra layer of security that prevents thieves from kicking on your door and keeps your home secure even if your existing locks are compromised. And you can control it using your smartphone.

Beyond just protecting your home, Haven goes a step further to control your smart lights, appliances, and even your thermostat. The device won’t ship until next year, but you can pre-order one now for $199.


Data nerds and car enthusiasts will love Automatic. The gadget connects to your car’s computer and pays attention to how you drive.  Automatic connects your smartphone via Bluetooth and offers suggestions on improvements to your driving style to help you save money on gas.

Automatic also monitors the overall health of your car and will let you know why your “Check Engine” light has come on. If the issue is something small like your gas cap being left off, you can fix the issue yourself and clear the light with no need to visit a mechanic. The device even keeps track of your car’s location, so you always know where you parked, and can call for help if you’re ever in an accident.

Price: $99.95

FitBit Aria

The FitBit Aria can make an excellent gift for the health nut in your life. The Wi-Fi-connected scale tracks your body weight, BMI and body fat percentage reports it all back to the FitBit app, the only thing you have to do is step on the scale. Using the scale over time can help you understand when you typically gain and lose weight during the year.

If losing weight is your goal, digital badges and awards can keep you motivated to get there. The scale can recognize up to eight different people and keeps everyone’s data private.

Price: $129.95

ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet

The ChargeAll portable Power Outlet is a must-have for the road warrior in your life.  The 1200mAh portable battery packs enough juice to charge your average laptop twice or your smartphone eight times. That means you won’t have to go searching for a power outlet at the airport or worry about your laptop running out of juice mid-flight or while you’re working from home, ocean-side.

Price: $199