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Demonstrations in Lebanon: "Lebanese suicide, could not provide treatment for his wife with cancer"


Social media campaigns have been launched in Lebanon in the past few days to distribute food and basic food commodities to families and individuals in need after the deterioration of living and economic conditions in an unprecedented manner and the spread of news of people committing suicide in several areas of Lebanon due to the critical economic conditions.

The story of the suicide of a father named Naji al-Fulaiti on Monday shook the country after he was unable to provide 1,000 Lebanese pounds to his daughter, accumulated debts worth 700 thousand pounds, and his inability to provide the necessary treatment for his wife with cancer.

Local media and media outlets are now full of news of the suicide of two other men due to living conditions as well, according to some local media.

The first, Danny Abu Haidar, shot himself because of his dismissal from work and accumulated some debts on him. The other is a member of the Internal Security Forces, Antonio Tannous. After he shot himself, according to local media.

In an effort to ease the economic and psychological burden on citizens, in the critical period of expelling thousands of employees and halving the salaries of thousands of others, some small shops in the country hung banners asking people in need to get in and take what they wanted for free.

A Facebook group set up more than two weeks ago is also trying to raise funds to provide funds for basic food products, clothing or medicines to needy citizens.

"A group of about six people is working to provide basic needs and goods to needy families in different parts of Lebanon," one campaign organization, who preferred not to be named, told BBC Arabic.

She stressed that the majority of the families that have been assisted so far, no one of them asked for such assistance. The group was able to reach them through "people who left messages about the needy families here and there."

They try to collect food from more than one person to pack a box containing rice, lentils and other products and send it to the needy family.

Other members of the group are focusing on reaching out to Lebanese expatriates to raise funds through GoFundMe to help those affected by the economic situation in Lebanon "because the Lebanese are not able to donate a lot of money." Tired".

After the suicides that have rocked the country, the group is now thinking of producing videos about suicide, its causes and how to help people who are thinking about it.