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Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios
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 Blizzard Ski Holiday Club
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 Demirdjian Center (AGBU)
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Demirdjian Center is one of the numerous Youth Clubs of Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) operating in 22 countries with a vast range of educational, cultural and humanitarian programs.
Ever since Demirdjian Center was established in October 1996, the Club has been offering in a dynamic atmosphere recreational, sports and educational activities aiming at interaction of members from different backgrounds, age and nationality with a special focus on children.
For this purpose we have chosen highly certified and qualified instructors to direct, train and assist our members to practice the activities they choose

 Faqra Club
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Located 1,720m above the sea level, Faqra Club makes its mountain home near Kfardebiane village. This exceptional location, with a dry and pleasant climate and open panoramas has captivated many including the ancient Romans who built a magnificent temple whose ruins still stand near the club. Since 1976, Faqra Club has been attracting an ever-growing number of residents because of the wide variety of activities available and our special membership formula, which allows relatives and friends to share in the Faqra experience.