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Al Andalous Roasteries
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One of the first nuts roasteries in Lebanon, founded in 1939. Offers an assortment of roasted and raw nuts, Chinese and Japanese nuts, dried fruits, coffee, chocolate and confectionaries. Several branches across Lebanon.

 Al Kazzi
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Founded in 1980 by Joseph Al Kazzi, specialied in the Lebanese-style nut production. Offers a wide selection of roasted and baked nuts (not fried) and trans fat free. Products are distributed in stores across Lebanon and worldwide through an online store.

 Al-Halabi Nuts
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Sells raw and roasted nuts. Includes a printable order form.
 Al-Rifai Roastery
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One of the leading Roasteries in Lebanon, with a chain of stores selling roasted nuts world wide.
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The Lebanese Roasting Company ''Castania'' was founded in 1985. ''Castania'' has attained a sustainable growth rate since its inception.
''Castania'' currently leads the Lebanese nuts market with a wide range of products and capture a substantial market share.
Our clients are operating in some countries of North & South America , Europe and Arab World.

''Castania'' products are displayed in all key account outlets , covering the market's retail stores with a fleet of vans rendering services twice a week to each customer. In addition to the most prominent hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in Lebanon.

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Chawa Trading Company
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Import and export of unroasted nuts, kernels, almonds, cashews, pistachios in Lebanon. Location and contact details:

 Choucri Hamasni Roastery
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Roasted and salted nuts. Pistachios, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts,chicpeas. Also coffee beans. Branches and contacts:

 Faouzi Hawasli
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Importers and exporters of raw nuts and kernels in Lebanon.

 Krikita Nuts
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Lebanese brand by Societe M. Najjar establishment in Lebanon. Offers an assortment of mixed and single roasted nuts, in various containers including Doypacks, cups, pillow bags and tins.