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Chateau KSARA
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In the ancient vine production tradition, Lebanon owns its existence to Christian's communities that kept some vineyards in this area. Chateau Ksara acquired by the Jesuits Fathers in 1857, perpetuated the tradition of winemaking. Applying what they knew, they produced Lebanon's first dry red wine and in doing so, laid the foundations of Lebanon's modern wine industry. New varietals were cultivated all over Ksara's vineyards. Nowadays, Chateau Ksara has 90% of its vineyards production as noble grapes.
 Chateau Musar
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At Chateau Musar, we are looking forward to your visit. For tastings and directions to the castle
 Domaine Wardy
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Domaine Wardy is a family owned estate located in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley. The winery was first established in 1891 and has since then risen to become one of the leading producers of quality wine and arak in Lebanon.
The Beqaa Valley is Lebanon’s premium wine region and for thousands of years the valley has been recognized for its ability to produce high quality wines. A magnificent temple built by the ancient Romans to honour the wine god Bacchus is testament to the high esteem the region was held.
Today, Domaine Wardy produces a wide range of wines and araks that have become renowned for their depth, complexity and elegance. They have numerous awards internationally as well as glowing reviews from wine critics the world over.
Domaine Wardy is a blend of ancient techniques and modern winemaking that aims to reflect the terroir and history of one of the worlds oldest wine regions.