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Crystal Chocolatier
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A chocolate factory providing a wide variety of unwrapped chocolate; from milk, white and dark chocolate with fillings to mixture of chocolate and dip in chocolate. We also distribute chocolate in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other GCC countries.

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Its founder, Mr. Moustapha Saade established Dandy in 1948. Mr.Saade began its carrier at the age of sixteen as a salesman in the first chocolate outlet in Lebanon. He worked there for six years and then decided to travel to Switzerland for a technical formation in chocolate, confectionery, and ice cream production. He came back with Mr. Mario Fontana (Swiss chef) and founded the factory in “Chanay”, a village in the Mountains above “Bhamdoun”. Following the advice of Mr. Fontana and located at 1100 meter above sea level, the location was ideal for chocolate production.
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Created in 1926 in Brussels, Godiva Chocolatier has become
one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world.
Today, Godiva’s expert Master Chocolatiers use their precious
talents to create innovative recipes with the finest ingredients.
Godiva luxurious gift boxes reveal enticing flavours,
delicate textures and eye-catching decorations.

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Nougatini is the leader in the handmade chocolate production in Lebanon. A family business introduced the making of the chocolate and remains a family run business with its members in key executive positions. It distinguishes itself with an up-market brand name through its delectable chocolates, made from unique recipes handed down over the years in an elegant packaging and premium brand products.
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Specialized in chocolate and gifts arrangements for weddings, new babies, seasonal and special occasions.