These tips are mainly useful for e-commerce and social media content. It’s important to have high quality images. Your content is has a huge influence on how much your website sells and how your brand is perceived.

1. Create looks and prepare them well in advance

Work together with your stylist to create outift combinations for better visibility of your products.

2.   Use pro lighting and camera equipment

If you know your photo gear, it might be best to skip to the next tip. But when it comes to model photography, there’s a lot of equipment on the market that can dramatically improve your final shots.

3.   Work closely with a stylist

A stylist is the guardian of how everything comes together in the final image.

4.   Set the right framings and shoot from the right angle

To maintain consistency of the model images you’re using on your website, you will need to frame them consistently. Ensure this information is reflected in your style guide.

5.   Use reference images to help

Magazines, lookbooks, moodboards, Instagram pictures – they’re all incredibly helpful when it comes to briefing your models and stylists with.

6.   Find ways to improve your production workflow

If you have more time to shoot your models instead of rushing through due to an inefficient process, you’re much more likely to get that golden shot.

7.   Think about sets

For some outfits, you may want to liven things up with some staging.

8.   Create the right atmosphere

A photo shoot can be an intimidating place to work on. There’s so much to do and usually not a lot of time to do it. When organizing your shoot, make sure to place emphasis on how the day will feel for your models – and those working on your production.

9.   Hire a hair and makeup artist

While a lot of models are capable of doing their own hair and make up, having a dedicated hair/makeup stylist on-set can be incredibly useful and improve the quality of your final image.

10.   Create a style guide

A style guide is a visual reference manual for anyone involved in the production of a photo shoot that needs to conform to certain standards.


Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anushka Sharma to Janhvi Kapoor : Best dressed celebrities at the Elle Beauty Awards 2019