If you’re like us, your first thought, “How do I run?”, seems like a silly question. Don’t worry, it really is a legitimate question. Doing it incorrectly can actually damage your body. Before you even consider making this something you do often, keep a few things in mind. First, that you’re putting a considerable amount of pressure (your entire body’s weight, actually) on the muscles, tendons, and joints in your legs. Your knees, ankles, feet, and toes are also taking a beating. Secondly, if you’re overweight or misinformed about running, you have to make some changes.

Change to a healthier diet and do some low-impact exercises like hiking with your dog, swimming or walking. Throw in some strength training too. Once you’ve done all of that, (a few weeks at least) you can move to the next step of running. This would be learning warm-up exercises. Warming up means more than just 10 minutes of static stretching. Instead, you’ll want to do a dynamic warm-up, which basically means you move as you stretch.


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